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  • SempMira will provide FSR services in locations around the world. We are also able to provide consulting services on unmanned vehicles in air, land, sea (surface and underwater), as well as their operations or uses.
  • SempMira offers Field Service Representative (FSR) service. Our highly trained staff offers the best cost-benefit solution to help you develop effective operations with AUVs or ROVs, military or private systems and facilities.

SempMira USA

International Services with and for unmanned air, water and land vehicles with highly trained professional staff and the latest technology available. In the case of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); Our company, pilots and equipment are duly registered before the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia, offering all the operational and legal security to our clients.  

We are able to design solutions and provide services for many applications, including the following:

Digital Mapping

UAS-based solutions provide unparalleled maneuverability and accuracy for quickly creating 3-D terrain models or objects.

Agricultura de precision

With state-of-the-art sensors and software SempMira provides the farmer with the processed information he needs to quickly and accurately assess the health of his crops and to determine in a timely manner the actions necessary to reduce costs and increase production.

Forestry Studies

With the assistance of high definition cameras and specialized software it is possible to analyze surfaces up to 1mm per pixel.

Environmental Studies

The use of UAV is an indispensable tool to monitor fauna and flora, increasing the precision and speed in the work. With a high degree of precision.

Surveillance and monitoring

We design solutions and / or provide the monitoring service with drones embedded sensors, using the most appropriate cost-efficiency equipment for a solution tailored to each client and situation.

Construction Monitoring

The use of a camera on a UAV, is an agile tool to monitor constructions and works, showing in HD images .

Field Service Representative

Our FSRs have extensive experience and capacity in managing and advising complex technical services at all times, in support of unmanned aerial systems.

Courses and trainings

The DRONES courses are aimed at training in the basic aviation skills that a pilot or observer of drones must have for the development of their functions in activities.

More than 2000

Flying Hectares

9500+ hours

Flight Experience

Operations in 5 regions

of Colombia



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