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  • SempMira will provide FSR services in locations around the world. We are also able to provide consulting services on unmanned vehicles in air, land, sea (surface and underwater), as well as their operations or uses.
  • SempMira provides Field Service Representative Services. Our highly trained staff offers cost effective solutions to help our customers develop effective operations with Unmanned Systems.
  • SempMira has the latest unmanned aerial vehicles for vertical take-off and landing, reducing the risk of damage in these maneuvers, with great precision, for specialized work with different sensors. Services to the electrical infrastructure, road, railway, Oil & Gas, large plants, high autonomy, flexibility and security. Available at the time for sale, services and demonstrations to those interested in acquiring this state-of-the-art technology that we bring to Colombia.

SempMira USA

International Services with and for unmanned air, water and land vehicles with highly trained professional staff and the latest technology available. In the case of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); Our company, pilots and equipment are duly registered before the Civil Aeronautics of Colombia, offering all the operational and legal security to our clients.  

We are able to design solutions and provide services for many applications, including the following:

Digital Mapping

UAS-based solutions provide unparalleled maneuverability and precision for quickly creating 3-D terrain or object models..

Equipment sale

State of the Art UAS in Colombia. Our professional pilots provide the special training needed, we make the accompaniment of the first use upon request.

Forestry Studies

With the assistance of high definition cameras and specialized software it is possible to analyze forestry surfaces

Precision Agriculture

SempMira provides farmers processed data to quickly and accurately assess the health of crops, determine actions needed to reduce cost and increase production.

Monitoring and Environmental Studies

The use of UAV is an indispensable tool to monitor fauna and flora, increasing the precision and speed in the work.

Disaster Prevention

We are able to provide solutions and equipment for organizations and entities to carry out evacuation plans, monitor them and mitigate situations caused by the force of nature based on the high technology embedded in drones, as well as the monitoring of areas difficult to access by other means.

Air monitoring

We design solutions and / or services the surveillance service with embedded sensors in drones, using the most appropriate cost-efficiency equipment for a solution tailored to each client and situation.

Security Studies

We are able to provide security by using our equipment. We are also able to assess our customers’ area of interest and design the most appropriate security.

Construction monitoring

: The use of a camera on a UAV is an agile tool to monitor construction sites. We are able to show work progress with high definition images from start to finish, which can be used as a decision making tool for optimization.

Inspection Infrastructure, Power Lines and oil & gas

For installation, Maintenance and Monitoring.

Air Films

Aerial videos are a powerful tool when it comes to translating ideas that from the ground would be impossible to size..

Aerial Photographs

Thanks to our unmanned aerial vehicles we can realize impressive aerial photographs of maximum resolution.

Audit of works

Service with the latest technology available, including Lidar, Photo and HD Video, in remotely operated aerial vehicles, which provide maximum flexibility and coverage for survey

Volumetric Measurements

Using UAVs and special software, we can create high resolution georeferenced Point Cloud, which allows us to make highly precise measurements and Volumetric calculations.

FSR Courses and training

FIELD SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE siguiente renglón CURSES AND TRAINING y después Our FSRs and pilots have extensive experience and ability to manage and advise complex technical services, in support of unmanned aerial systems.

Data processing

We have high-end processing equipment which help us quickly and accurately process our customers’ data

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Flying Hectares

9500+ hours

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Operations in 9 states

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